Brian Tinsman

Vernon Davis Was U.S.A. Curling’s Good Luck Charm

Vernon Davis hung out with the American curling captain and Olympic hero. He predicted they would win soon. He is a good luck charm.


Silas Redd Moves Down Under to Play Pro Rugby

Redd will have a sharp learning curve as he adjusts to playing in the most popular and most competitive club rugby league in the world.



Shaq Compliments Wizards’ Kelly ‘E-Bro’ Oubre

It’s great to be the Big Aristotle.


Dave Martinez to Nats Players: ‘I’m Here to Learn Too’

Maybe that’s the honeymoon speaking, or maybe Martinez is ready to take the “players’ manager” tag to the next level.


Did Rizzo Consult Harper Before Hiring Coaching Staff?

It’s foolish to think that star players aren’t considered when hiring coaches, but do players like Bryce Harper get to pick their bosses?


Bryce Harper Has Beef With Don Mattingly Over Marlins

If that type of commentary is out of line, then Don Mattingly will love the hollow sound of an empty home stadium this season.


Swearinger’s Odd Explanation for Fuller Trade Reaction

DJ Swearinger is known for his passion on the field, but he seems to be struggling to contain it in the business aspect of the offseason.


Chris Baker Released After One Season in Tampa Bay

Less than a year after making a splash in free agency, Chris Baker gets a pink slip and wonders what is next.


Mets GM: Tim Tebow ‘Will Play in the Major Leagues’

Now batting for the New York Mets…Tim Tebow?


Buster Olney Predicts Nats Will Make 2018 World Series

What if you knew today that you could have the best run in franchise history but still come up short?