CBS welcomes a new comedy to its Thursday night lineup as Broke enters the fold starring Pauley Perrette and Jaime Camil. Broke tells the story of Jackie, played by Perrette, a single mother who is re-acquainted with her estranged sister, played by Natasha Leggero, when she shows up at her front door asking to move in with her husband Javier (Camil) and their loyal butler Luis (Izzy Diaz) after Javier is cut off from his wealthy family.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke with Perrette and Camil before the series’ big premiere to discuss what Broke has in store for audiences, the cast’s chemistry on set and bringing smiles to Americans when we need it the most.

MW: Good morning Pauley, Jaime; we’re here today to talk about Broke and Pauley you’ve had such a long career with NCIS so much history and success with that show. What was it about Broke and playing Jackie that attracted you to the project? 

PP: I love doing comedy I did comedy in my other shows too. I just love making people laugh and the fact that’s your job, especially right now, for us to be able to give that gift right this second during this time. We’re really excited and we’re proud of what we’ve been doing. Right now, it’s like, Thursday nights new show, new thing, just to bring it to people’s home, to give you a chance to smile, give you a chance to laugh. I love Jackie, I love her, I love our whole cast. We love our show, we love what we’ve been doing. We’re just bursting for people to see it. We can’t wait. 

MW: Awesome. Jaime how about you? What was it about your character Javier that hooked you? 

JC: I love Javier, because he has a very good and kind heart. He’s just a little reckless when it comes to spending. So of course, his dad wants to teach him a lesson and cut him off the family trust fund. So now he has no money, so he and his wife played by the amazing Natasha Legerro, decide to go to Natasha and Elizabeth’s old family home, which is in Reseda, California where Pauley lives. A super bad-ass single mom, working, blue collar girl, and we all show up and are like, ‘hey how are you we’re here! We have to stay with you, we have no money, so we’re now all going to live all together under the same roof and we can’t leave.’ So, kind of relatable to what’s happening right now. 

PP: He just shows up on my doorstep married to my sister and she abandoned me years ago. They just shows up and it’s like wait, what? And all of sudden, it’s ahhh, chaos, just chaos. 

MW: Right, could you imagine being forced to stay somewhere right now, crazy. 

JC: Right, can you imagine.  [laughs] 

MW: I’m glad you brought up Natasha and the cast is so diverse. There’s the two of you and Natasha and then you have Antonio who’s only 10 years old. 

PP: My son! 

MW: What was it like with your chemistry bringing all of these people together on set? 

PP: Kudos to the people who put all us nuts together because it really worked. It’s so funny because when I first talked to them, I was like I want to wear comfortable shoes, I want to be closer to my house, and I don’t want to play a mom. But now it’s like it’s so incredible, I love it. 

JC: You got two out of three. 

PP: Yeah. I just love that little fellow with all of my heart. His mom is amazing she’s like part of our group, she’s an incredible mom herself. I’m taking cues from her. She says that we share him now, so now he has two moms. I adore him.

It’s funny, be careful what you wish for because it might be wrong. All of us together, it’s just crazy and nuts and fantastic and chaos ensues and we kind of like it that way.  

MW: Awesome. To touch on a little bit from earlier, with everything that’s going on right now, it’s really great that we have this new comedy coming on Thursday where we can come together and watch with the whole family at home. So, Jaimie, I’ll start with you, what do you want viewers to take away from this show when they sit down to watch on Thursday? 

JC: We want to bring people together during this difficult time, some difficult financial times, it’s just tough with this coronavirus, this quarantine time, if we could bring a little bit of joy or a lot of joy or a big smile to people’s faces; we’ll take it.

As you were saying Thursday is a very powerful comedy day for CBS. So, it’s not only our half hour that will hopefully bring joy to people’s lives but we’ll also have Young Sheldon, Man With A Plan, Mom and then us. It’s a powerful two hours where hopefully we’ll bring joy to people’s lives. Right now, it’s much needed.

Hopefully they will connect emotionally with the characters. Pauley is amazing, Natasha, Izzy, and Antonio. I think when people connect emotionally with our characters, they will enjoy the comedy way more. So that’s what I would like for people to do, watch the show, connect with us emotionally and then laugh out loud with others in this situation. 

PP: We want people to have a really good reason to laugh and to smile and this is this show, we’re going to hit your funny bone and we’re going to tickle it and you’re going to giggle and laugh along with us. 

MW: [laughs] We could all use a good shot to the funny bone right now, I think. Well thank you so much to both of you it’s been a pleasure, stay safe and all the best on the premiere! 

PP: Thank you very much! 

JC: Thanks, Matt!

Tune in for the debut of Broke tonight at 9:30 PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.