(CBS Local) — Businesses, schools, organizations and charities are flooding email boxes with messages explaining how they are handling the coronavirus outbreak.

It seems like everybody from banks to local coffee hang out spots are writing to let people know what measures they are taking to create a safe environment during the crisis.

The emails are meant to calm nerves, ease fears and reassure the public that everything’s going to be OK, but the sheer volume may add to the anxiety of the outbreak. And all that is on top of the frequent email updates many people are already getting.

Still, the coronavirus email updates will likely keep filling inboxes in the coming days.

Some, like this one from WestJet, include specific information on cleaning policies:

Others, including Panera Bread, explain how they are encouraging sick workers to stay home:

The emails also explain how the outbreak will impact service. For example, the American Dream mega-mall in New Jersey announced it is temporarily closing:

Others, including Paris Baguette, promise to take further action, if warranted:

Many emails, such as this one from Uber, includes prevention tips and links to find out more information.

While the emails can be helpful, security experts say beware.

The heavy volume could make us more vulnerable to cybercriminals who are hoping to exploit fears with phishing emails designed to steal personal information and money, according to Consumer Reports.