TWINSBURG, Ohio (CBS Local) — An Ohio man said he was “shocked” when he and his wife received approximately 55,000 duplicate billing statements in the mail from a student loan company a few weeks ago.

Dan Cain of Twinsburg said he knew there was a problem when the clerk at the Twinsburg Post Office told him he would not be able to get his mail through the front door of the postal office.

Cain said he drove his truck around to the back of the building, where 79 trays with about 700 letters in each tray — all of them exactly the same — were waiting for him.

The letters were from College Ave Student Loans in Wilmington, Delaware. The company said it had intended to send Cain and his wife, Dee, a statement for a student loan they took out for their daughter’s tuition.

“Dee and I were shocked. We were like, ‘are you kidding me? Who makes that kind of mistake?'” Cain told CBS affiliate WOIO.

To make matter worse, Cain said the company had also calculated the wrong interest payment.

Officials from College Ave Student Loans apologized for the error in its mailing system, but denied there was an error in the calculation.

“The rate matches what was disclosed when the loan was originated,” Tim Staley, the company’s chief operating officer, told the Associated Press.

Staley said the company was working with Cain to resolve his questions regarding the interest rate.

“I just hope it doesn’t happen again,” Cain said. “I might just have to return to sender.”

Meantime, Cain’s not exactly sure how to get rid of the 55,000 letters, which are stacked in his garage.

“I just may start a fire, a bonfire, and burn it all,” he said, laughing.