EDMONTON, Alberta (CBS Local) — Three seemingly abandoned kittens found with their tails stuck under ice were rescued last week following a chance encounter with an oilpatch worker in central Alberta, Canada.

Kendall Diwisch said he was doing the rounds near one of his wells near the town of Tomahawk Wednesday morning when he discovered the three cats frozen to the ground.

“Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night,” he said.

Diwisch, who captured the rescue on video and shared it on social media, got one of them out easily, but the other two required some work.

He grabbed some warm coffee, poured it on their tails, pulled a little bit and freed them.

“Took them home fed and watered them they look to be healthy and friendly,” he wrote on Facebook. “If any friends are looking to have a new addition in their family, let us know as they will need homes.”

Offers to adopt the kittens started pouring in immediately. They eventually went to a local family who had recently lost their cat said it would take all three.

“All three are eating and drinking and very energetic,” Diwisch wrote. “Thanks for everyone’s consideration and offering to take them very appreciated.”

Diwisch received thousands of comments praising him for saving the cats.

“You’re a hero,” many people wrote.

“You are truly an amazing human being, Kendall!!!” another person added.