LEBANON, Tenn. (CBS Local) — A Tennessee man appearing in court on a marijuana possession charge was arrested Monday after he started smoking a joint in front of a judge, authorities said.

Spencer Alan Boston, 20, of Levanon, had approached the bench to discuss his case when he suddenly pulled out what appeared to be a rolled marijuana cigarette from his pocket in front of the presiding judge, CBS affiliate WTVF reported.

Boston allegedly placed the joint in his mouth, then pulled out a book of matches, lit it and began to smoke the rolled cigarette.

As court officers quickly approached him, Boston reportedly began talking about his desire to see marijuana legalized in Tennessee.

Many in the courtroom burst out laughing as a strong odor of burning marijuana began to spread.

Boston was arrested and led out through a small cloud of smoke.

“One of the craziest things I’ve seen,” Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan told WTVF.

Boston received 10 days for contempt of court for the incident. He also faces charges of disorderly conduct and simple possession of a schedule VI drug.