ATLANTA (CBS Local) — A group of homeowners in Atlanta have placed a Christmas tree inside a gaping pothole on their street, hoping it would pressure local officials to do something about it.

“I can see down five or six feet of hollowed out area beneath there,” homeowner Peter West told CBS affiliate WGCL. “We’d love to have a new road.”

Decorated with lights and ornaments, neighbors placed the tree on Archwood Drive in Atlanta’s Northcrest subdivision earlier this week.

They even wrote their own lyrics to a festive song about the pothole and caroled around the massive eyesore:

O Archwood tree, o Archwood tree
How lovely are thy branches
Asphault expands in summertime
Rebuilds potholes in wintertime
O Archwood tree, o Archwood tree
How scary is that sinkhole

Homeowner Sharon Magruder said they wanted to get the county’s attention but still have a little fun in the process.

“Instead of being negative and screaming and stomping our feet and being ugly about it why not have fun with it and still get attention and get the job done so it’s not so dangerous for the neighborhood,” Magruder said.

Luckily, their plea for an early Christmas miracle did get some immediate, if not partial, results.

County crews later came out, replaced the tree with a barricade and caution tape and filled the hole until they can make more permanent repairs.