DANVILLE, Va. (WJZ) — A Virginia couple was arrested eight months after their two-month-old daughter died from an overdose.

Danville police officers were flagged down by 27-year-old Eugene Chandler on Nov. 24, 2018, as he was holding an unresponsive infant.

Officers immediately began CPR and the baby was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

There were no signs of physical trauma on the baby’s body, however, police began an investigation into the infant’s death.

After police searched the baby’s home, they found evidence pointing to drug use. An autopsy showed the 2-month-old died due to “acute heroin and cocaine intoxication in a setting of co-sleeping.”

Eugene D. Chandler, Jr. (age 27) and Shaleigh M. Brumfield (age 26) were arrested Tuesday on charges of felony homicide and abuse and neglect of a child.

On Monday, June 24, a grand jury indicted the baby’s parents, Chandler and 26-year-old Shaleigh M. Brumfield, on charges of felony homicide and abuse and neglect of a child. They were arrested Tuesday.

Both currently are being held in the Danville City Jail without bond.

The Danville Police Department worked closely with the Medical Examiner’s Office and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office in investigating this incident and determining charges.