BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Baltimore is among the nation’s filthiest cities.

Twenty-five cities were ranked around the nation and Baltimore was ranked no. 16. DC ranked no. 23.

Quality Logo Products looked at residents personal hygiene to make a determination of which cities rank as the worst and the best.

Miami, New Orleans, Charlotte, Detroit, and New York are in the top 5 cities where people have great personal hygiene.

Among the worst: Seattle, Denver, DC, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh.

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The surveyors looked at how often residents showered or bathed, brushed their teeth, changed their bedsheets, changed their shirts and underwear, clean their homes and wash their hands after using the toilet.

Baltimoreans were among the cities where people showered the most with 12.9 percent of residents saying they shower more than once a day.

DC also made the list — but not in a good way.

They were ranked among the residents that bathe the least, brush their teeth the least, but they topped the list for changing their underwear the least — with 18.4 percent of survey takers say they wear the same underwear for four or more days. Also, 25.7 percent said they skip handwashing after using the toilet “often” or “all the time.”

I guess that means you need some hand sanitizer if you head to the nation’s capital.

They also looked at which cities were the most germophobic, where you’d most likely get sick and which professions are most likely to go to work sick.