COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — Newly released video shows what happened as UMD football player, Jordan McNair fell ill during what would become his final practice at the College Park campus.

While a lot of the video has been blacked out to protect McNair’s medical information, what’s not hidden is just how upset one officer appears to be that medics were not moving as fast as she would have liked.

“They’re moving so [expletive] slow, it’s [expletive] me off,” said the officer.

A frustration heard several times in the video showcasing McNair’s final moments on campus.

“Are the medics going to be able to,” the officer can be heard asking on body camera footage. “They’re moving so slow, I’m sorry.”

The footage gives a timeline between when McNair began to suffer from heatstroke to when he was actually taken to the hospital.

One segment shows as the ambulance arrive at College Park, another shows as one officer stays with medics by an empty stretcher.

McNair is never actually seen in the footage.

The 19-year-old died June 13, after falling ill during a conditioning practice on May 29.

The university also released surveillance video from McNair’s final practice. It was shot from across the street, so it’s hard to make out what’s actually happening.

Most of the video released was heavily edited, citing medical privacy.

It had been previously requested but denied by the university until the completion of an investigation by the office of the Attorney General.

McNair’s death led to the eventual firing of head coach, DJ Durkin and will see the retirement of university president, Wallace Loh.

A statement released by the university stated that in part “our thoughts remain with Jordan McNair’s family, friends, and teammates.”

WJZ reached out to the McNair family attorney who was also provided a copy of the videos. They did not have a comment at the time.

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