BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is showing off a plow that can clear nearly two lanes of snow.

Less obvious improvements by the SHA are the 72 laser sensors that have been installed above major routes across the state, and another 53 similar laser devices mounted to trucks for mobile, real-time measurements.

“How much moisture is actually on the road. It measures dew point, humidity, road temperature, air temperature,” said Janet Frankil, who directs SHA’s communications equipment.

“They also measure friction,” said SHA administrator Gregory Slater. “So we’ll be able to use these lasers all over the system to detect how much traction is on the roadway.”

Which will dictate what kind of response is needed to keep roads open.

The Maryland State Highway Administration plans to use more brine for pre-treating before a storm hits, as well as mixing brine with salt, so instead of bouncing away, it sticks to the road.

There are 2,700 pieces of equipment to keep Maryland roads clear, and for the first time, you’ll be able to track them from home.

“You will be able to see from the comfort and warmth of your home,” Slater added. “You can track where the snow plows are and the vehicles being deployed during a storm.”

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