Jefferson City, MO (CBS Local)– A Missouri woman says she was laughed at by a government worker when she called for food stamps and now she’s seeking an apology from the Missouri Department of Social Services.

KCTV News 5 acquired a recording of the phone call between the woman, Assami Sudduth, and a social services worker who was working in the St. Louis call center. According to the station, Sudduth has an app on her phone that automatically records every phone call. Sudduth and her fiance have seven children between them and on the recording of the call, the worker can be heard making fun of the family with co-workers.

“Ten, seven, five and one, then he’s got two other ones. So, he’s got four, six kids. Tell that boy to keep it in his pants!” the call taker said.

“They are hers from another marriage or whatever,” the call taker said. “She hasn’t even hung up yet … (rustling).”

Sudduth says that she was embarrassed and degraded by the exchange and she called back to the department to complain. Social services reportedly thanked KCTV for bringing the call to their attention and apologized on the employee’s behalf.