WASHINGTON — When was the last time that D.C. sports brought you to tears? OK…when was the last time that it brought you to tears in a good way?

D.C. sports superfan Mia Khalifa was so moved by the Washington Capitals vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game played outdoors at the Naval Academy as part of the Stadium Series that she cried through the whole first period.

She posted the evidence on Instagram:

It’s common knowledge the Khalifa, a former adult film star turned social media personality, is a monster D.C. sports fan.

Last fall, Khalifa appeared at Public Bar for 106.7 The Fan’s NFL Kickoff Watch Party, which is not something that she typically does. When she was on with The Sports Junkies ahead of the appearance, she explained why:

“I know you do a lot of personal appearances,” Eric Bickel said. Khalifa interjected: “Actually, I don’t do personal appearances. This will be my first one.”

“And I’m only doing it because I love you guys and I love D.C.,” she added. “I would not have done this for anyone else.”

The D.C. sports love is real. The tears are real. And she explained how much the Caps mean to her in the video caption:

“Capitals hockey means the world to me. I didn’t stop crying the entire first period I was so humbled to be able to see an outdoor game in my lifetime,” she wrote. “I don’t take any second of this for granted EVER. I feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself when I’m surrounded by fans of the game. THANK YOU, NHL.”

As of posting, the video had almost 2 million views, 125,000 likes and 2,750 comments. As you might expect, a fair number of the comments are too lewd for publication, with some doubting the sincerity of her emotion.

But why? Isn’t that what sports is all about: to feel something bigger than yourself?

Whether that comes in the form of cheers, tears or a few extra beers, every team should make fans feel as much as Khalifa did on Saturday.

She also had a good time, for what it’s worth:



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