By Chris Lingebach

Capitals forward Jay Beagle isn’t much for watching television on team flights. He’d prefer to read a good book.

His latest literary conquest? The good-est book.

On the Caps’ six-hour flight to Anaheim next week, Beagle will be deeply embedded in scripture.

“Right now I’m actually in the Bible, interesting that you say,” said Beagle, during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance — ‘The Morning Skate with Jay Beagle,’ sponsored by Sport Automotive — with The Sports Junkies.

EB: Oh my God. Look at that! Are you reading it straight through, or what?

Cakes: Like the Hockey Bible, or the real Bible?

Beagle: No, it’s a real Bible. It’s the real deal. Yeah, I’m in the Old Testament right now. I read the New Testament, and I started in the New Testament, and now I’m going in through kind of the Old Testament. I’m in Proverbs right now. So it’s interesting. It’s very interesting stuff. Yeah.

Lurch: You and I couldn’t be more different.

Cakes: That’s quite a Revelation! He’s reading the Bible!

EB: What a good dude, man. I didn’t think he could get more Good Dude points and he just did.

After Beagle hung up, Cakes zinged, “That’s one way to fall asleep on a flight!”

The Junkies swiftly delved back into their carnal desires, shifting the conversation over to their recreational plans for their trip to spring training.

“I’m gonna be at the Palm Beach Kennel & Poker Club,” Cakes said.

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Chris Lingebach


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