By Chris Lingebach

Ian Rapoport sure kicked over a hornets’ nest, by hanging up not once, but twice, during two separate interview attempts with 106.7 The Fan’s “Chad Dukes vs. The World” on Monday afternoon.

Each time — once, for a segment taped prior to the show, to be aired later; the second (far more egregious), during a phone interview airing live on 106.7 The Fan — the NFL Network reporter abruptly put down the phone to go report some news.

The only problem, Rapoport demonstrated no regard for Chad Dukes — who arrived at the studio early to tape the failed first interview attempt — the producers responsible for booking Rapoport on the program, or The Fan’s listening audience, in either instance.

“I’m sorry,” Rapoport said live on 106.7 The Fan around 5:15 p.m., one of the highest-rated hours in drive-time radio. “I need to take this phone call. I apologize.”

UPDATE: Rapoport Calls Back To Apologize

“That is the last time we have that son of a bitch on this show. I swear to God,” Dukes said, as the phone audibly clicked off the hook. “What a piece of garbage that guy is. That’s twice he’s done that. That’s twice. And he sucked. And he sucked! He had absolutely no… God, I hate that guy.”

“Here’s the context. I’m not just trashing this guy for no reason,” explained Dukes, now apoplectic. “That guy agreed to do an interview earlier today, and I came in early. Whatever. I don’t care. He’s a big name. That’s fine. And he was that energy level, and he was that disengaged, and, also by the way — I don’t know if you listened to that — kind of condescending.

“And he, in the middle of the interview — I have been doing radio interviews for 15 years now — in the middle of the interview, he said, ‘I’ve got to put the phone down.’ Put the phone down for four minutes, never picked it back up. Just a complete and total disrespectful douche. And then to do that in the middle of a live interview, after you’ve already screwed me once? Go F yourself, dude. You get stuff wrong all the time, and everybody knows it.”

For what it’s worth, here are several examples of Rapoport whiffing on Redskins stories, most notably a 2017 draft-day tweet in which Rapoport reported, “Wow. Cleveland is trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. This is real.”

“Please, please tweet Ian Rapoport,” Dukes continued, “and say, ‘Chad Dukes thinks you’re a douche. And he’s going to start every show for the rest of the year saying Ian Rapoport is a douche,’ because I am.”

Plenty of Dukes’ listeners were able to answer the call, but since this is a relatively clean website, below is a condensed snapshot.

For as self-deprecating as Dukes can be on the radio, I can assure you he takes his job and position of serving his radio audience seriously, tenfold.

“I’ve had guys bigger than you on, were able to keep a schedule,” he said. “And, by the way, if you can’t commit to an interview, don’t do it, stupid! Twice you boned me today. Twice! What a loser. You know how many guys there are that report on the NFL now? There’s a billion.”

Dukes then took to his personal Twitter account to go on the offensive, prompting Rapoport to again apologize. Although, as Dukes openly admitted on the air, he won’t soon forget Rapoport’s miscalculation.

“Oh, and by the way,” Dukes went on. “The scary news that he had to break was like a safety got released by the Carolina Panthers. Brother, if you can’t do the interview, don’t do the interview. You think you would pull this crap if I was nationally syndicated? So, what, because it’s one market you feel like you can get away with it? Your work ethic stinks. Your professionalism stinks. I question it.

“I’m sure it’s actually a good thing for you that I’ll never book you on this radio show ever again, but Jesus Christ, have a little respect for what you’re plugging. You’re supposed to be getting the word out about the combine being on the NFL Network. How about some respect for yourself? If you’re going to go on the radio, it’s a big deal.”

“You gave a pitiful interview, you had no energy, your facts weren’t very good and you were condescending,” he ranted on. “Christ. Unbelievable. You know, I do a hundred radio interviews a year with other shows. I prepare for all of them, I’m high energy for all of them, and you know what? If I can’t do it, I tell them I can’t do it. I realize I’m not as in high demand as Ian Rapoport, but professionalism is professionalism. What a trashy dude. @RapSheet — tell him I think he stinks. I think you stink, Ian Rapoport.”

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