by Rick Snider

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins’ future has tongues wagging. And since lying is not considered a sin by NFL executives, even during Lent, every stray rumor seems possible.

Among Cousins’ reported possibilities are:

  • The Redskins could tag and trade him. Sure, it would be a ridiculous gamble by Washington that could burn its salary cap when free agency begins for very little return, but why not?
  • The New York Jets might be readying a $60 million offer for the first year. No matter that’s twice what even a high offer might draw, but why not?
  • Did we say $60 million? Make that $90 million, say some outlets. Sure, why not?
  • Cleveland might be readying an offer. If Cousins signs with the Browns, it’s not about winning, so sure, why not?
  • Denver and Arizona are kicking the tires. Actually, they both should say why not?
  • New Orleans might opt for Cousins over Drew Brees, who still wants big money at age 39. Sure, why not?
  • Pittsburgh needs someone to take over eventually for Ben Roethlisburger. Sure, why not?
  • Ditto for the New York Giants, looking for Eli Manning’s successor. Sure, why not?
  • Dallas owner Jerry Jones is thinking about Cousins over Dak Prescott, who was once considered a phenom just, oh, a year ago. Sure, why not?

Anybody else? Anybody left? You know Redskins president Bruce Allen is just itching to cry “tampering.” If it’s the Giants or Cowboys, that will be extra sweet.

Trading for Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith looks like the smartest move Washington has made in years given the market for Cousins. The Redskins didn’t want to pay Cousins $34 million this season under the franchise tag, but there now appears enough interest that the passer will surely get that, and maybe more.

Somebody’s really going to suffer buyer’s remorse by 2020.

Cousins has spent three years readying for this auction and it’s going to be a record price. Good for him. The best part is three years of speculation on his fate will finally end. Kind of like no longer worrying over Robert Griffin III anymore.

Things are about to get real.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.

Comments (2)
  1. dpj1022 says:

    See my problem is this. Articles suggesting how smart the Redskins were to sign Smith gloss over how badly they handled the Cousins thing. They could have signed him to a LTD two years ago for MUCH less than they are paying Smith and a promising young (low cost) guy like Fuller would not now be gone. Yeah, may be the Smith move was making the best of a very bad situation of their own making. But we don’t usually praise the arsonist if he later decides to put out the fire he started. The Redskins signing of Smith was just trying to put out the fire they started. Let’s not forget that.

  2. Cousins is a loser and three years of hope and overpayment have left the redskins with NOTHING but a losing record and wasted years. In the same amount of time (when the skins where so hyped over cousins and tagged him, which cousins LIKED) The Jaguars went from zero to the AFC conference championship and almost beat Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick to go to the Super Bowl in their own stadium!!!! Yeah, that happened. Now that is HOPE!!! At the end of the day, skins fans have felt hope in Kirk Cousins empty passing stats and he DID NOT DELIVER. In fact there were some gruesome head scratching losses each and every year along the way. BUT THESE SKINS FANS STILL HAVE THE HOPE IN THOSE passing yards between the 20’s against average to bad teams. Cause they have their pocket of excuses ready to excuse the losing each and every year. This Gruden Cousins experiment has been a disappointing failure and waste of time and money. At the end of the day, the skins were 3rd in the division in 2016 and 2017. And if anything had worked out for the Giants, the Skins and cousins should have been 4th place this year.

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