By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Kelly Oubre is in his third season in the NBA, enjoying his best campaign to date.

Shaquille O’Neal, a Pro Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT analyst, wanted to credit Oubre with holding the keys to the Washington Wizards’ success. He got Oubre’s name right the first time, but then things went off the rails.

You’ve heard of e-mail and e-cigarettes, but now there’s e-bro. Kelly E-Bro:

The honestly understandable verbal slip came when Shaq was talking about his first awareness of Oubre several years ago. Maybe he was just an E-Bro and needed time to evolve into the Oubre he has become.

Shaq’s point was generally positive and should not be lost in his slip of the tongue.

“The Wizards can go as far as Kelly Oubre takes them. What I mean by that is…you always need your one-two punch,” he said, referring to Bradley Beal and John Wall. “But the others will get you to the next level.

“I remember a few years ago, talking about this young kid who was working on his game, and that kid happened to be Kelly [Oubre]. He definitely improved his game. The game is easier when you play with superstars and right now, he doesn’t really have players covering for him. That penetration right there is all we need him to do.

“If Washington can get a consistent third player to get in consistent double figures for scoring–high double figures especially in the playoffs–they can go pretty far. This kid right now is working on his game.”

Shaq ends the segment still providing pre-recorded voiceover for Oubre highlights while very clearly not talking and blowing a gum bubble in the studio. It’s great to be the Big Aristotle.


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