By Chris Lingebach

Don’t count the Cowboys out as contenders for Kirk Cousins, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says.

“Keep an eye on teams that we’re not thinking about with Cousins,” Florio told The Sports Junkies on Tuesday. “You’ve got the Broncos, the Jets, the Browns, the Cardinals, the Vikings — those are the ones that get mentioned the most. But what about — the Saints are looking at this saying, ‘Well, wait a minute. It’s gonna cost $30 million to keep Drew Brees at 39? Let’s go with the guy who’s 29 and have another 10 years of a Drew Brees.'”

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen,” he added, “but as Kirk Cousins continues to become a brighter and shinier object, doesn’t, at some point, Jerry Jones stir and say, ‘Dak Prescott… Kirk Cousins? Dak Prescott… Kirk Cousins?’ And I think that there may be somebody who jumps into this thing that we’re not thinking of, just because, as it grows and grows, there’s gonna be an owner out there that can’t help himself.”

Continuing with the thought, Florio theorized that maybe Dez Bryant — who struggled to put up his typical elite receiving numbers under second-year quarterback Dak Prescott in 2017 — is the one who puts the idea of pursuing Cousins in Dallas owner Jerry Jones’ mind.

“I love thinking about it because Jerry Jones falls in love with an idea,” Florio said. “Johnny Manziel — he had to have Manziel four years ago, and they had to talk him out of it. And if I’m Jerry Jones, and I look at Dak Prescott, and say this is a fourth-round guy who was great as a rookie because he had Ezekiel Elliott; and we’ve got Dez Bryant, and for whatever reason, [Prescott] won’t throw the ball in those 50-50 opportunities; and maybe Dak Prescott isn’t the gunslinger that we need. Maybe it’s Kirk Cousins.”

“I just think the more Jerry Jones hears people talking about this land rush for Kirk Cousins,” he continued, “at some point, he’s gonna say, ‘Well, maybe I should be getting in on this.’ Whether he does or not, I think you have to at least run through the permutations and the possibilities.

“We’ve seen this before with big-name free agents,” he said. “Where there’s a team that nobody is thinking of that ends up being the team that gets him. So who knows? Maybe Jerry Jones gets an idea and maybe he’s not talked out of it this time.”

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