by Rick Snider

Su’a Cravens wants back in the NFL. Do the Washington Redskins want him?

The safety quit last season. Left the team, Goodbye. Seeya. That doesn’t happen in pro sports. Walk away without a good reason and returning isn’t easy. And, it shouldn’t be, because playing pro sports is a privilege.

Cravens likes to say the media and public don’t understand what’s going on, only to recently offer a suspect excuse of concussion problems. If that was true, why not go on injured reserve? Collect the money and year off the contract? You’re owed that. By walking away without either, it shows that a concussion wasn’t the full reason.

Giving away all your jerseys to the public was a juvenile response. So was contesting a police pullover for alleged speeding in a school zone by getting out of the car and videoing it. I received the same ticket years ago. It stinks, but you pay it and move on, not try to make things worse. Not seeing team officials in Los Angeles when on the same sideline the previous night was disrespectful, too.

It’s things like this that makes the Redskins front office pause before determining whether Cravens should return. The NFL has re-instated Cravens, so the team can’t wait too long before deciding on his future, but it’s not a no-brainer on what to do.

Cravens is on social media saying his teammates will welcome him back. They probably will. It’s not their place to judge. They don’t have millions of dollars invested in the safety like management.

DHall: Cravens Must Re-Prove Himself to Teammates

The Redskins rightfully want value for their investment. Whether that’s playing Cravens this season or trading him, the Redskins are due something for the second-rounder.

For now, let Cravens return. Watch his attitude and play over offseason camps. If he’s 100 percent into football, then forget the past. If Cravens continues his immaturity, trade him for whatever they can get. Someone else will gamble a late-round pick for him.

But this is Cravens’ last chance with the Redskins. Don’t make a bad first impression, or it’s exile to Cleveland for him.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.


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