By Chris Lingebach

Jason Bishop is no longer a part-time resident of Ocean City, Maryland.

He’s only complained about the price of his condo for  years, and the past few years, has stooped to soliciting listeners as tenants to offset the costs.

Bish was forced to go public with the news Thursday, when a caller asked if he could rent the condo this summer.

“I haven’t announced this. You guys already know the announcement,” Bish teased. “I’m going to announce this about the condo in Ocean City, on 92nd Street in Ocean City, Maryland.”

EB: Which you’ve repeatedly tried to rent on the show.

Bish: Right next to Bull on the Beach.

Valdez: That’s such a silly spot, by the Century One.

Bish: Right behind Layton’s Diner, a great diner down there, and right across the street from Liquid Assets, one of my favorite bars. Bish… no longer owns the condo in Ocean City.

“You sold out and you made a tidy profit, right?” JP inquired.

“Right,” Bish said, laughing under his breath. “I made a huge profit. Bish no longer owns the condo in Ocean City.”

EB: You’re joaning over there.

Bish: Well, you’ve been joaning for 10 years. I am out of the condo business.

EB: Do you feel relieved?

Bish: Yes, I do. It was a burden for a good — eh… — probably three to five years.

EB: Maybe 10 years.

Bish: Yeah, well, when the kids were younger, we enjoyed it a little bit more. Once they got into sports in high school, it was done. It’s a burden off my shoulders and I no longer own the condo with Thomas C. Mooney.

EB intuitively inquired about whether — as a former owner — Bish will still be able to use the property for personal use.

Bish: Uh, it’s a possibility. I don’t know.

EB: That’s what you should have negotiated. You should have negotiated that you have the ability to stay there two or three times. You know what I mean? That’s what you should have done.

Bish: The negotiation wasn’t great.

EB: Did you get bent over a little bit?

Bish: On paper, you probably wouldn’t like the negotiation. But I had to do it. This guy had to do it.

Cakes: Sometimes you’ve got to cut your losses.

Not even the power of The Junks could salvage another disastrous property investment for the papa.

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