By Chris Lingebach

The Capitals’ defense was non-existent in their loss to Detroit Sunday.

After a second-intermission thrashing by goaltender Braden Holtby, they were able to rally in the third period and come away with a point in a 5-4 overtime loss.

Allowing three goals in 2 minutes and 56 seconds, the Caps, simply put, hung Holtby out to dry in the second.

“We just didn’t play good enough in the second,” Jay Beagle said during his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearance — ‘The Morning Skate with Jay Beagle,’ sponsored by Sport Automotive. “That wasn’t Caps hockey.”

After the second period, Holtby rightfully lit into his counterparts.

“Emotions run high,” Beagle told The Sports Junkies Tuesday. “And when you leave a goalie out to dry like that in the second period, obviously he’s not going to be happy with the effort and just with how that second period went.”

“That’s not how we want to play,” he said. “And so, for whatever reason, it happened, but we came back in the third and I’m pretty sure we got back to playing the right way. It’s a matter of just putting a full 60 minutes together and playing the right way for 60 minutes, and then you see a team that you want to be, and that’s a team that can dominate, especially at home.”

Beagle refused to diminish Holtby’s intermission outburst.

“Holtz, I love it when he gets emotional,” he said. “I love it when he comes in and lets us know what’s on his mind. It was on everyone’s mind. But that’s what a leader does, they come in and they say it and they call guys out, and they say how we need to be better, and that’s when you respond.”

Beagle says Holtby didn’t call out any players specifically: “Basically, he just said, ‘Is this good enough?’ But he said it with authority when he came in, and all of us are thinking that, like, ‘Are you kidding me? Is this how we want to play? Is that how we want to treat a teammate, really, to just hang him out there?

“It’s hard to describe,” Beagle said. “You come off and it’s not like we aren’t trying. It’s just all of a sudden, something doesn’t go right. All of a sudden the momentum gets changed.”

“We don’t get it back,” he said. “And then they just start taking it to us and no one steps up and gets that momentum back, or gets us going in the right direction again, except for Braden Holtby, who obviously is standing on his head for us. That’s basically what he said.

“He just said look at ourselves and see if that’s good enough, if that’s how you want to play. We do that and we go back out, and we turn it on, and we end up obviously getting a point, but not good enough. We need to be better.”

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