WASHINGTON — Matthew McConaughey is in the upper echelons of notable celebrity fans of the Washington Redskins. He probably makes the celebrity fan Mount Rushmore alongside Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Durant and Trey Songz.

And yet, last Sunday, while much of the Redskins fanbase was heartsick in cheering for either the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles, McConaughey was as cool as ever.

His choice was clear: the Eagles are led by fellow Texan Nick Foles. Fast-forward one week, and McConaughey congratulated Foles with a full-page ad in the Austin American-Statesman:

Even for an avowed Redskins fan, this seems like the most McConaughey message ever.

McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, in 1969 but grew up in Longview. His first acting gig with a speaking line was actually for the American-Statesman, which helps to explain the ad placement.

Twenty years his junior, Foles was born and raised in Austin. At around the same time that McConaughey was getting his start in acting, Foles was learning to walk and talk.

McConaughey is a diehard Texas Longhorns fan, while Foles left the state for college, so it’s unclear if the two have ever crossed paths before.

Either way, it’s a classy gesture for two Texans to enjoy a moment before going back to being division rivals.


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