By Chris Lingebach

A caller into Chad Dukes vs. The World Friday didn’t like Dukes’ particular stance on guns (he owns a lot of them, as is his second amendment right, and always stresses the importance of being a responsible gun owner), so he decided to take it up with Big Shooter himself.

“Why are you promoting guns on a sporting show?” asked Ken in Woodbridge.

“And, by the way, why are you promoting that on a sports show?” he asked again. “We should talk about sports, not about shooting people.”

Dukes hadn’t made any reference to the act of shooting another person. On his Friday broadcasts, he typically fields questions of any topic from callers, and some take the opportunity to ask for advice on which gun they should purchase.

Never one to back down from — or capitulate to — anyone who doesn’t happen to share his worldview, Dukes kept Ken on the line.

“I guess you voted for Trump, too, didn’t ya?” Ken said, as the eight-and-a-half-minute phone call was winding down.

“I don’t really talk about politics on this show,” Dukes said. “But it seems like you have a difficult time doing that.”

“Evidently, from your stance,” said Ken, “it’s obvious that…”

“It’s strange that someone — with the way that you’re describing your view on firearms — feels so comfortable stereotyping me,” Dukes fired back.

“I just, from listening to you on the radio,” Ken said.

“Thank you for that, by the way,” said Dukes. “I don’t know who you are, but thank you for knowing exactly who I am, and what my stances are, and who I voted for, and what I should be doing with my job.”

“In the future, try not to sell guns on the radio,” Ken said. is the best shooting range in the area,” said Dukes. “I can’t endorse it enough. Thank you so much to them for being a wonderful sponsor for this show. I’m gonna go buy a new gun this weekend and name it Ken.”

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