By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Joe Jacoby is a D.C. sports legend and one of the greatest left tackles of all time. He just hasn’t had success in convincing the Pro Football Hall of Fame of the latter fact.

After missing out on his last year of entry to be considered as a modern candidate, Jacoby’s fate in Canton will now fall to the Senior Committee, which in the words of Pro Football Hall of Fame CEO and President David Baker, is designed to select deserving candidates who “fell through the cracks.”

SNIDER: Last Call for Joe Jacoby to Enter Canton

Baker, for one, believes that Jacoby is someone who fell through the cracks and likes his chances of one day earning the distinction that he deserves.

“There are so many deserving guys and what I will say is that it’s hard to get in,” he told on the red carpet before NFL Honors. “Joe Jacoby, in my opinion, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Just being a finalist probably makes him one of the 900 greatest players to ever play this game.

“Hopefully, we’ve honored him just by making him a finalist these last couple of years. From what I heard in the room, which I’m not allowed to share–but from what I heard–there’s no doubt in my mind that one day, Joe Jacoby will be in the Hall of Fame.”

While it is “an honor just to be nominated,” there is little question that Jacoby has not yet attained the honor that he deserves.

But even if he has to wait for the Senior Selection Committee to right a wrong, it will be an honor worth waiting for.


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