By Chris Lingebach

Joe Theismann calls the Redskins’ hope to tag-and-trade Kirk Cousins “stupid.”

When informed of Adam Schefter’s report, that Washington is considering franchise tagging the quarterback for a third straight year, this time with the intent on trading him, Theismann told Chad Dukes, “That’s just stupid.”

“You signed your quarterback, Alex Smith,” Theismann said. “We’ve had enough of the rhetoric that revolves around Kirk. Let him go. Kirk wanted to be a free agent. The Redskins went out and got Alex Smith. They have the quarterback now without the dialogue, without the distractions, without all the ‘what ifs’ that have been wrapped around Kirk.”

“Kirk had one heck of a year under very trying circumstances,” he said. “To me, he gets to be a free agent and go do something very, very few players get a chance to do in the National Football League. Now, the Redskins, if they feel like they can get something for him, they’re not going to hold him back. That would be unscrupulous in my mind, to just ‘let’s do this just to not allow him to do something.'”

“Hey, he didn’t want to sign,” Theismann pressed on. “He wanted to be in the free agent position. We have the quarterback. Let’s focus on Alex Smith and allow Kirk to go to Denver, to Jacksonville, to the Jets, wherever he wants to go, because he’s gonna wind up going there anyway.

“But, if we can do something inside the parameters of the rules of the National Football League that we may be able to garner a pick from, we’ll do that, but ultimately, I don’t see anything happening.”

“The other thing is, in Kansas City, Alex is on a one-year deal,” he said. “They wanted Pat Mahomes to play. Now, Kansas City gets what they want, Kirk will eventually get what he wants, and the Redskins have a quarterback for the next five years, as they look at it.”

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  1. Theismann is no personnel guru, unlike some ex players he’s never been a part of any NFL management team, putting what he feels is best for Cousins ahead of team agenda is foolish, who cares if Cousins gets what he wants? this aint Burger King.

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