By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Super Bowl is one of a handful of days each year when gambling goes mainstream. There are the odds of who will win or lose the big game, but those aren’t nearly as interesting as the bets on literally everything else.

Known as “prop bets,” these are the wagers you can make on everything from someone’s wardrobe, to the length of the National Anthem, and the height of the first person on either team to catch a touchdown.

So without further buildup, here are the top-10 prop bets to watch for in tonight’s big game (odds are not reflective of current betting lines):

10. How Long Will Pink Sing? A recurring sports prop bet is the length of the National Anthem, sung this year by artist Pink. From her first to last note, the over-under is 123 seconds or a shade over two minutes.

Results: UNDER

9. Will Any Players Kneel During the Anthem? This is a new Super Bowl betting line and one that will likely create tension regardless of what happens. Right now, the smart money is on “any number of players” taking a knee in protest.

Result: NONE (at least none were shown)

8. How Many Donald Trump Tweets? President Trump has gone to war with the NFL more than once this year, particularly over players kneeling during the anthem. It should come as no surprise that Trump has an over-under of 2.5 tweets during the biggest game of the year.

Result: UNDER (1)

7. Remembering Donovan McNabb’s Upchuck? The last time these two teams squared off in the Super Bowl, future Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb puked on the field right before the snap. The Eagles would go on to lose that game. Whether or not that gets mentioned during the broadcast has some room for debate, but it would seem that the smart money says “no.”

Result: NONE 

6. First Patriots Controversy Mentioned? Everyone has a favorite Patriots’ controversy, whether it’s Spygate, Deflategate, the ESPN report of friction from a few weeks ago, or something else. But the odds-on favorite to be mentioned first during the broadcast is Jimmy Garrapolo, who was traded to the San Francisco 49ers earlier this season.


5. First Justin Timberlake Halftime Song? The once relatively edgy pop star is sure to deliver the kid-friendliest of kid-friendly halftime shows, especially after his exposé with Janet Jackson 14 years ago. Even if he does have a new album to promote, the odds are that “Can’t Stop the Feeling” will be his first song.

Result: FILTHY

4. No Love for the Big Boys? The over-under for the weight of the heaviest player to score a touchdown in the big game is 249.5 pounds. Keep in mind that Rob Gronkowski (265 lbs) is cleared from the concussion protocol to play in this game.

Result: OVER (Gronkowski)

3. How Cold is it Outside? Temperatures have been frigid in Minnesota this week, as they frequently are in non-summer months. The over-under for mentions during the broadcast of the temperature outside of the dome is one.


2. How Will Prince Make An Appearance? Prince is a Minnesota and Super Bowl icon, having delivered his own electric halftime performance before passing away in 2016. Justin Timberlake is rumored to be performing with a hologram of the late pop star and is a virtual lock to perform one or more of Prince’s biggest hits.


1. Will Bill Belichick Retire After the Game? The chances of this happening are so slim, but that’s what makes it fun. In order for this to pay off on a yes bet (where a bet of $100 would bring in $2,500), Belichick would need to announce his retirement during the broadcast. If he waits even until his post-game press conference, the bet would be void.



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