By Chris Lingebach

The negative reaction from Redskins fans about how Kendall Fuller learned he’d been traded to the Chiefs — on Twitter — is way overblown, Chad Dukes said Thursday on 106.7 The Fan.

“We find out a lot of stuff on Twitter every day that people would rather we don’t find out on Twitter,” he said Thursday. “It’s the nature of the beast. Everybody’s a reporter. Everybody’s fighting for a scoop. I’m guessing the Redskins didn’t want to disseminate the information that way. I’m guessing they always wanted to keep secrecy as a part of this, so they didn’t want to call the guy’s agent.”

McCloughan Files: Never Trade Kendall Fuller

Dukes also views the acquisition of Alex Smith as an upgrade at quarterback for the Redskins, and warns, whichever team signs Kirk Cousins next, if they have to pay Cousins an average annual value of $30 million, they’re effectively signing their own “death sentence.”

“There’s a lot of moving parts that you guys with all your butt-hurt aren’t taking into account,” Dukes said. “I don’t want to sound cold-blooded. I would have rather [Fuller] got a nice phone call. I’d rather not trade the kid. It looks like he’s gonna be a nice piece moving forward. But quarterback is more important, Alex Smith is an upgrade over Kirk Cousins for the next couple of years and I’m not paying $30 million a year for Kirk Cousins.”

“Guys, whoever pays $30 million a year for Kirk Cousins is signing their own death sentence! Their team will never win if you spend that much money on Kirk Cousins,” he said. “The market has dictated that he is worth that money. I don’t fault him for it. But the Washington Redskins are 100 percent correct in not spending $30 million a year on Kirk Cousins.

“And to move on from that, and to get a quarterback that had a better year than Cousins did last year, if I’ve got to sacrifice a third-round pick… okay. Sign me up for it.”

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“It doesn’t exonerate [the Redskins] from what came before,” Dukes added. “It doesn’t exonerate them from what brought them to this spot. I’m just talking about the transition itself.”

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  1. Matt McBride says:

    Chad Dukes can’t analyze the game of football beyond superficial media romanticizations. Why isn’t Cousins worth that money? Because he couldn’t carry a team who was the absolute worst in all three phases of the game to a Super Bowl? A characteristic of the Washington Redskins for which Dukes evidently “doesn’t blame the coach?” Stick to the fast food pinnate dude. Anyone with any kind of sense could see that the Redskins had their baseline for success in a young QB and just failed to do what most professional franchises do, capitalize on it by putting NOT super talented, but competent people around him. Look at what the Eagles did with Wentz or what the Rams did with Goff. Chad Dukes is a Redskins fan who evidently “wants the Eagles to win” the Super Bowl. What a turd. Alex Smith is a significant downgrade from Cousins, and the entire argument to the contrary because Smith “had a better year” is woefully lazy and falls apart when you take the obviously painstaking step of applying context to the situation. Smith played for a much much better team, with a much much better coach, and not to mention a much better franchise who has sense to give their QB the tools he needs to get the job done. Smith will have nothing close this in Washington, but rather, an incompetent and desperate football team waiting to be “carried”. If we look at the facts of this fantastic upgrade, the Redskins are still going to end up paying Smith around $23.5 million dollars a season, a whopping $6.5 million less than they would of had to pay a QB that actually had a future. And that cap space money they are supposedly saving equates only to about the amount of money they are going to need to sign a new corner to make up for the horrible Fuller trade.

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