By Chris Lingebach

After his marquee event at the Tally Ho Theater, Awadd — against all odds — has attracted the attention of ABC-7 sportscaster Erin Hawksworth.

Since The Junkies have already devoted two segments to covering this situation, let’s shine the spotlight on another development to occur on the show this week. In fact, it bubbled beneath the surface of one of those very same segments.

JP: This morning before the show started, Jason’s looking at the rundown and he goes ‘ugh.’ And why did you go ‘ugh’?

Bish: Because Drabby insists on putting Awadd in the outline. Now, he says, ‘More Awadd/Erin audio.’ So I don’t know if there’s something new.

JP: Now, I think it’s worth playing, but here’s what I’d say. I will participate in an Awadd-free month in February. Just be my own personal thing. I will not contribute to more Awadd on the air. I’m out. At least for a month. So Jason, I know that you would do that in a heartbeat, but I do think that this is worth exploring.

Bish: Well, I’m okay if there’s something new, but if it’s the same old stuff, he says something stupid or he lied and Eric just wants to beat him up for a while. I’m out.

EB: Hey. This is not my idea. I didn’t put it in there.

Bish: No. No. I get it. I’m just saying, if it’s the same old stuff, I’m out. But if there’s something new that’s interesting, I’m okay with it.

As JP mentioned earlier in the week, their previous “Awadd-free” month propelled them to a ratings bonanza, their highest-rated month in the entirety of their 21 prestigious years of radio.

Maybe there’s a lesson to be gained there. Regardless, it does seem important on some level to listen when enough listeners are sending the same message, so I’ll ask the question: Should The Junkies have an ‘Awadd-free’ February?

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Comments (2)
  1. Gene Carroll says:

    The previous AWADD free month was also Bickel free, that may need to be examined further, ie, have an AWADD free month, then a Bickel free month, see which one has better ratings.

  2. maryland_sam says:

    Fire that zilch into the moon.

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