By Chris Lingebach

Capitals forward Jay Beagle is a nice fellow. And through his weekly 106.7 The Fan appearances — ‘The Morning Skate with Jay Beagle,’ sponsored by Sport Automotive — he has developed a rather friendly rapport with The Sports Junkies.

Which is perhaps why Tuesday’s potshot from the rafters zinging Alex Ovechkin, directed at a completely unsuspecting Beagle, landed so hard.

Beagle was in the midst of describing the coolest part of Ovechkin’s home, explaining that Ovi’s highly decorated trophy room stands out.

“His media room and basement, just to see all of the things that he’s won and the achievements he’s had,” said Beagle. “He’s got kind of a cool room like that and then a really nice media room. It’s just a really nice house.”

Cakes: Does he have a big empty space where a Stanley Cup should be?

EB: Cakes! You’re a Caps fan!

“We’re filling that up,” said Beagle, thrust into awkwardness. “We’re filling that up this year.”

“I’m just asking,” said an apologetic Cakes, overcome with embarrassment. “I’m a lifelong Caps fan, Jay. I’m sorry. You know what? That’s frustration boiling over. I apologize. That was a cheap shot.”

EB: Jesus. He’s gonna quit the show like Tom Brady did!

It’s one thing to read about it; to truly appreciate the greatness of this uncomfortable moment, you’ll HAVE to listen.

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Chris Lingebach


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