By Brian TinsmanSponsored By Purple Heart

WASHINGTON — No rules, no censors, and no topics off limit: that was a winning formula for the second annual 106.7 The Fan LIVE show, sponsored by Purple Hart, held at Leesburg’s Tally Ho Theater on Saturday night, in front of a sold-out crowd.

For listeners of the station’s shows–The Sports Junkies, Grant and Danny and Chad Dukes vs. The World–it was a rare opportunity to hear how the wacky bits and opinions would play out in a “NSFW” world. It was also a great opportunity to see how the personalities interact with each other off air. Why do they talk about Awadd so much? What’s with Lurch and Skippy? How did Grant and Danny get Bruce Allen to come on air?

PHOTOS: 106.7 The Fan LIVE

For most of it…you just had to be there–but what we can share is awesome. Here are some of the highlights:

(No surprise: Awadd failed two out of four questions, lying about pleasing female companions and acing the SATs.)

Speaking of Awadd, here’s a great gif of him trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with his pants around his ankles, while taking rockets off the Ball Cannon at speed 10. It didn’t go well for him:

There were some great zingers that are probably best taken out of context. Here is our list of the top-10:

10. “I’m actually being mean if you’ll just listen to me.”
9. *looks out into the audience* “Wait, are there kids here?”
8. “I talk a lot of baseball on my show.”
7. “He means ‘sex.'”
6. “You need more Rooster on the show.”
5. “It was legit like turning on the light on your back porch and watching a skunk get cornered.”
4. “I think sometimes you think I’m totally full of 💩”
3. “No, I love 🍆 stories.”
2. “Everything about us is soft.”
1. “I just finished my fourth beer, I’m good.”

Regular CDVTW listeners were treated to a live version of the Food Pinata with Jim “Landfill” Mullins giving his long-awaited review of the new Taco Bell Nacho Fries (TL;DR: 9/10):

Landfill returned to the stage near the end of the show in an unplanned beer chug competition between himself and on-air nemesis Chris “Joe the Rooster Russo” Russell. The results were disputed, but you should decide for yourself:

The show lasted only 2.5 hours and could not be extended, which means that a good number of bits didn’t end up making the cut. One was the “Brock Leesnar’s Slop Challenge,” which would have had any on-air personality or fan in attendance come up and try some of the lunch slop that gets eaten in the studio.

Since that didn’t make the cut for the live show, the slop got taste-tested by 106.7 The Fan Programming Director Chris Kinard in the green room after the show:

Even if the slop left a sour taste in his mouth, a good time was had by all, and dozens of fans waited around to chat with Chad Dukes, drink with the Junkies and swap sports stories with Grant and Danny. Thanks to everyone who came out for the show!


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