By Chris Lingebach

Chad Dukes has issued a response to gloating on-air remarks made by Junkies video producer Adam “Awadd” Epstein.

Epstein puffed his chest Wednesday morning on The Sports Junkies, lying about, among other things, the quality of the video content he creates for 106.7 The Fan, and, that he’s so masterful at his job, he’s been asked to start doing video work for another show as well, Chad Dukes vs. The World.

(Disclosure: I serve in a supervisory role overseeing Epstein’s work, and while I don’t feel comfortable critiquing his work in print, I can confirm there is not a single shred of truth to anything he uttered in the quotes below.)

“I’ve been doing my job every single day. All the bosses have been 100 percent okay with every video and the work that I’ve done here. [They’ve] never said anything like, ‘Oh, Awadd, you don’t put enough effort in.’ They’re always blown away by the effort that I put in. I stay after every single day. I’m doing videos for Chad Dukes now. I don’t even do afternoon videos, but they’re having me do it, because I’m the best at it, EB. There’s nobody else at 106.7 that can produce videos like me.”

In reference to Friday’s sold-out 106.7 The Fan LIVE event, Epstein went on to say, “I’m a talent also, so I’m gonna be on stage, I’m gonna be part of the show, and sometimes I might need someone to run the camera for 10 minutes so I can entertain a thousand people.”

“I mean, it is 106.7 The Awadd Live,” he said.

After hearing a portion of this audio, Dukes responded on his radio show:

I was just listening to some audio where Awadd claimed that he was the reason the show sold out, and he referred to it as 106.7 The Awadd LIVE. I am more than happy to turn over hosting duties to that guy, and sit there on the stage and drink Miller Lites. I am absolutely ready to make that happen. So, if that’s where we’re at… I don’t understand the Awadd bit. I never have. I’ll only say this, that guy doesn’t act that way when I see him in the hallways. He seems normal. And then I hear him on that show. And look, I’m somewhat sympathetic because I used to be called Chad The Stalker and everybody hated me, but I’ve never heard anybody act the way that he does on a show, when he provides so little to this radio station. Like, I have never heard anything like that. Maybe he’s smarter than all of us, but, I don’t know, I think it’s slightly disrespectful to say that to the other hosts on this radio station that have been busting their ass for years and years and years. I also think it’s specifically disrespectful to me, because the event was my idea, so to say that you sold it out, and it’s 106.7 The Awadd, I take umbrage with that. Perhaps we can address it on stage.

Or, let’s do this. Let’s leave a note for The Junkies. If that’s what they would like, they’re the king snakes around here. No problem from me. I will sit quietly with Tom Daly and trash that kid behind his back. That’s fine. I’ve got no problem with that either.

Some interesting audio that I heard just now. Maybe his star has risen that high, and if so, I am more than happy to get out of the way. Far be it from me to stop the next generation of radio talent, up-and-comers. Wow. I also found Awadd’s now doing videos for my show, plural. Can I see some of those? Like, if you’re doing videos for my show, bud, I’d like to see ’em. I mean, you’re making a lot of bold claims. I don’t want to have anything to do with what those guys do with you. It’s insane what they put up with on that show from you. But it’s their show, and they’ve proven that they know better than me. But I heard you claim that you do videos for my show now? I saw one 15-second video that Broc Leesner recorded, and I believe management told you to do.

In a perfect tease, Dukes concluded, “We’ll satisfy all of these questions probably on Friday, I guess.”

If there’s one person I wouldn’t want to piss off before an event in front of a live audience…

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Chris Lingebach


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