By Chris Lingebach

The Redskins are entering their first offseason without the assistance of Scot McCloughan’s talent evaluation acumen.

In the 2017 draft, McCloughan said the Redskins followed his draft board for all but one player (no, he didn’t share which player). Since his firing, Doug Williams was promoted to Senior Vice President of Player Personnel, and Eric Schaffer to Senior VP of Football Operations/General Counsel.

Williams, presumably, will have more influence on the Redskins’ draft with his elevated title. So what are his thoughts on the draft process, and determining which players can make the jump from college to pro systems?

“The thing about it, you never know,” Williams said from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., in a short video posted by the Redskins Twitter account. “I’ve always said the draft is kind of like a crapshoot sometimes.”

Sound promising. It’s a crapshoot, a roll of the dice. Even with the most talented talent evaluators, you can’t escape the luck factor of the draft.

“Sometimes you pick the ones that you think are up there and they don’t make it, and then the guys that you pick down at the bottom, they’re the ones who come up top,” he said. “You never know.”

“It all depends what’s in the guy’s heart, and how they look at this thing and how they take the game,” he said. “The most important thing, if they play this game with a lot of passion and a lot of heart, with the abilities that they do have, nine out of ten they’re gonna be successful.”

With the “football player” era no more, the Redskins have moved on to the “crapshoot” era.

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