By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Like most of the Washington Redskins, Josh Norman will be watching Super Bowl LII from a seated or reclined position. The difference is that millions of people could be watching him do that.

Earlier this week, NFL UK, BBC and Sky Sports announced that Norman would be part of the broadcast team for NFL fans across the pond:

Domestically, the game will be broadcast on NBC, but Norman will be in Minnesota and appear on the feed that airs live in the United Kingdom.

He will appear alongside broadcaster Neil Reynolds, as well as former Bears and Chargers defensive back Shaun Gayle, and Canadian Football League coach Jeff Reinebold.

As the NFL expands its footprint in the UK, it continues to incorporate former and current players into its broadcasts and goodwill tours. Norman will help to frame the big game for fans, but also serve as an ambassador, as one of the most interesting young stars in the league.

He joins the likes of DeMarcus Ware, Emmanuel Sanders and former player Osi Umenyiora who have served in this capacity on the broadcast.


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