By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Another day and another hot take from an NFL analyst on the Washington Redskins’ Kirk Cousins dilemma, this time from Mark Schlereth.

The former Redskins offensive lineman spent half of his 12-year career in Washington before heading to Denver, where he won two more Super Bowl rings. Given that he has a show in Denver, on 104.3 The Fan, he has no love lost about the team that drafted in the 10th round of the 1989 NFL Draft.

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In fact, he hopes that the Redskins are dumb enough to let Cousins hit free agency, where the Denver Broncos are a team expected to be a frontrunner for his services.

“Hey, teams are stupid, Mike, you’re right,” Schlereth said to his cohost, Mike Evans. “A lot of teams are dumb. So, I hope that they’re dumb enough to say, ‘Yeah, he’s not very good.'”

Unlike many hardliners in the Cousins debate, Schlereth can see why a team might think they can do better than Cousins. He just doesn’t happen to agree.

“There’s usually something that goes on,” he started, attempting to explain why a front office moves on. “A guy doesn’t prepare properly, the guy has an injury history, the guy is a turd in the locker room. There’s usually a reason. And I think, if you look at Kirk Cousins, what would be the reason?

“He completes 65 percent of his passes every year. Four thousand yards. He doubles his touchdowns to interceptions [ratio]. He’s smart, he’s prepared, he’s a great team leader. Why then? Why with Kirk Cousins?

“Well, because he doesn’t quite have elite level athleticism and arm talent. It’s not quite elite and maybe there’s something better. Well, good luck.”

This weekend’s conference championship matchups prove that the caliber of quarterback needed to win in the playoffs might be overstated. While Tom Brady, one of the best of all time, remains the front-runner to win it all, he could face two teams with no long-term answer at the position.

Schlereth argues that even Brady is imperfect on paper. But games aren’t won on paper.

“I know a lot of guys–Brady–I know a lot of guys that don’t have elite level athleticism,” he said. “It’s Peyton Manning–it’s more about the neck up than it is about the neck down, but sometimes teams are too enamored with the neck down stuff when it comes to quarterbacks–Paxton Lynch–and not the neck up.”


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