By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — If Kirk Cousins is leaving town this offseason, he should at least leave fans with happy memories–and a few sweet merchandise deals along the way.

Entering an offseason of uncertainty, Cousins appears to be cutting bait on the bulk of his remaining Redskins inventory on his personal website. Why keep a huge supply of shirts that will only be worth nostalgia or irony if he signs with another team? Get what you can for the stock that is left, and get your design team started with options in Broncos orange or Jets green.

Then again, maybe that’s jumping to conclusions

Maybe he’s just clearing out such merchandise gems as the “Yule Like That” Christmas sweatshirt to prepare for a burgundy and gold “Face of the Franchise” hoody, set to be released after he signs a long-term deal?

Either way, the eye-catching banner at the top of the page calls this a “Hail to the Fans” deal for up to 50 percent off. And it makes sense.

Cousins hasn’t been in the merchandise game for very long, first capitalizing on his “You Like That” moment midway through the 2016 season in order to raise money for charity.

After that success, he has launched and offers sporadic blog posts and 28 products, from shirts and jackets to wristbands, each adorned with his KC logo. The email sent out to promote the sale had a subject line of, “I can’t thank you enough!”

Which is exactly what people say before switching jobs.

In fairness, it’s highly unlikely that Cousins does his own marketing and promotions, likely relying on an e-commerce professional to handle this for him. However, it is interesting timing, given that he and his agent likely already know where negotiations with the team will go.

Speaking of the team, it’s worth noting that the Redskins’ official online store still features Cousins jerseys alongside Josh Norman jerseys in the photo that links to the jersey section of the site. Once you click through, the store also features Terrelle Pryor jerseys, so don’t read into this as a prediction for the future.

In fact, don’t read too far into any of it.

Between now and the start of the new league year, Cousins will have career-altering negotiations and decide his own fate. It’s his career at stake and we’re all just spectators. There is no reading between the lines on rumors, reports, media posturing or close-out merchandise sales.

There is nothing to see here, right now…right?


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