By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Two years ago, John Wall walked away (get it?) from a shoe deal with Adidas that would have paid $66 million over eight years, if he hit all of his incentive clauses.

Wall, who was started to realize his vast marketing potential, became a sneaker free agent, wearing Nikes and some of his older model Adidas over the last two seasons. Then, earlier this week, he started off a fresh relationship with the company that had insulted him just two years ago.

How was he able to get over it? For Wall, it was like changing schools or something.

“The people that were there when I was there are not there anymore,” Wall told the media on Tuesday. “It’s a whole new start. I go to a new school, get a new principal. I might not like the old principal, but the new principal might be cool. So these guys might end up being cool.”

Following that analogy, it’s really more like Wall went to a school, dropped out of a school, waited two years at a subpar school until the principal left, and then re-enrolled. But that doesn’t sound as cool.

In an interview with SB Nation, he was a bit more direct about the fate of the shoe executives that lowballed him in the past.

“A lot of those guys that were there before have been laid off. It’s a brand new start because it’s a whole new crew over ther.

“They have a lot of the same guys over there player-wise, but it’s just a new start.”

One man’s pink slip is another man’s path to a coveted signature sneaker.

Money for the five-year deal was not identified, as initially reported by Shams Charania:

Either way, good for Wall. Between this and the $207-million contract extension he signed in July, he now has the shoes and walking around money.


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