By Chris Lingebach

For all the complexities that go into the Kirk Cousins-Redskins saga, all of the various permutations of past and future negotiations and where that could eventually lead the quarterback, it is possible to distill Cousins’ contract situation down into one simple question.

Grant Paulsen came out with that question during a special 106.7 The Fan appearance with Cousins at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Va. on Friday.

“Do you want to be a Washington Redskin?” Paulsen asked.

“I mean, that has been the question, right? And that’s what we talked about last summer and July,” Cousins said. “The short answer is yes.”

“I just feel that it’s been a very positive six years,” he said. “Obviously we don’t have Super Bowl rings to show for it. We don’t have playoff wins, but it’s a privilege to play here. I’ve felt that for all six seasons. I’d be foolish to say I don’t want to be here. It is truly a dream come true and a privilege to be here.”

“Now, obviously, it’s not that simple or that easy,” he cautioned. “And we have time to figure all that out, and work through all the circumstances that have to take place to feel really good about that, but I do feel the short answer is yes, and now let’s work through it.”

A simple answer to a complex question, yes. But it seems to be the correct answer if you want the next question to be ‘How do we make this happen?’

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