By Chris Lingebach

Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies doesn’t want to see Kirk Cousins go, nor does he think the Redskins should let him go, but he’s mentally preparing himself for the letdown now.

On their Thursday morning broadcast, Bickel accurately noted the Redskins could begin negotiating a long-term deal with Cousins now, if both sides were willing to come to the table. “I believe they can talk,” he said. “The season’s over and they can start discussing a long-term deal.”

“You think they will?” Jason Bishop asked.

“At some point, someone’s gonna have to,” said Bickel. “I guess some of the reports yesterday were kind of coming out that some experts believe it’s a two-horse race, between Denver and Washington. Then I had a buddy who swore to me yesterday that Cleveland is heavily in the mix. Now, I’m sure Cleveland wants him. But does Kirk want to go there? That just seems like a dead zone. You want to go there and win three games?”

After letting out a loud, exhausted sigh, Bickel relented, “I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea that they’re just gonna let him loose. And that’s okay. I’m a Skins fan. What am I gonna do?”

“I’m not gonna follow him to Denver,” he said. “I’m not gonna follow him to Cleveland or the Jets. I mean, God bless him. I’ll be a Skins fan and I’ll root for Josh Rosen, I guess, or Sam Darnold, or Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen. I guess that’s what we’re destined to do.”

Bickel’s resignation mirrors that of many Redskins fans on social media in recent weeks, an understanding that, while they’d love Cousins back in burgundy and gold, there’s no reason to have faith in the organization to repair a relationship strained by two previous failed negotiating periods.

“It sounds like you’ve got it in your mind, in your brain, that they’re gonna move on,” Bishop said. “And then they’re gonna draft a quarterback at some point this year.”

“I think they’re gonna move on,” said Bickel. “And I’ve been pro-they’re-gonna-find-a-way-to-keep-him-here all along, but he just didn’t end the season on the right note, Bruce [Allen] is stubborn. I don’t see how it’s gonna work. I’m mentally over it and I’m distancing myself from it. I’m not gonna get emotionally involved in the stupid decision of this stupid franchise.”

“A lot of time to over-analyze it,” Bishop said. “Which we’ll certainly do.”

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