By Bryan Frantz

Kirk Cousins: Is he good or bad? Nobody knows!

(This is not true. Most people know he’s pretty good and the Redskins should pay whatever it takes to keep him around for the rest of his career. But moving on.)

Cousins, with a short completion to Jamison Crowder, topped 4,000 yards on the season. He’s the first quarterback in Redskins history to top 4,000 passing yards in three consecutive seasons.

In fact, only two other quarterbacks in franchise history have reached 4,000 yards in a season even once, Jay Schroeder and Brad Johnson, and they each did so once.

Cousins needs just 175 yards today to pass Schroeder in the single-season record books, and he put up 84 in the first half (sacks not included). If he reaches that 175 yards, he’ll have the three best seasons in Redskins franchise history by passing yards.

Should Redskins fans hope for a loss today?

Let me say that again for all the Never-Kirkers.

Kirk Cousins is, in all likelihood, going to end this season with either the second-most or third-most passing yards in a single season in franchise history. The top three seasons in Redskins history will all be held by Kirk Cousins, who has only been a full-time starter for three seasons.

And this is the guy you don’t want to pay.

There are other stats to keep in mind, of course. For example, interceptions. Schroeder, who has the most passing yards in a season by a Redskins quarterback not named Cousins, threw 22 interceptions in that season. Cousins has never thrown more than 12 interceptions in a season.

What about his incompletions? Cousins’ three seasons as a starter have featured completion percentages of 69.8, 67.0 and 65.0 (entering today). Aside from Cousins, the most passing yards by a Redskins quarterback with at least a 65-percent completion rate was 3,200 by Robert Griffin III in 2012. That was the 20th-best season by passing yards in franchise history.

Cousins is throwing more often than any quarterback in franchise history, more accurately than any quarterback in franchise history and with better results than any quarterback in franchise history. But why pay him fair market value?

Then again, Cousins has been picked off twice already and has missed several throws today. So, the debate will rage on. For better or worse. (It’s definitely worse. Please let this debate end.)

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