By Bryan Frantz

The Redskins lost a number of high-profile players this past offseason, including a pair — DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker — to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Following the Bucs’ loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Tampa might want to give that pair back.

Let’s start with Baker, who the Bucs signed to a three-year, $15.75 million contract over the summer, only to be rewarded with a mere 32 tackles and half a sack thus far; Baker recorded 101 tackles and 9.5 sacks over his final two seasons in Washington.

The former Hampton lineman was drawn offsides for a crucial penalty late in the Bucs’ loss to Carolina, despite a pre-snap warning about the hard count from teammate Gerald McCoy, then he reportedly drew the ire of teammates by smiling and showing little remorse for his error after the loss.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, that led to a postgame scuffle between Baker and several of his teammates, including quarterback Jameis Winston.

Mere hours later, a car registered to DeSean Jackson was involved in a single-vehicle accident. Inside the car, police found marijuana and hollow-point bullets, but the driver had fled. When police contacted the former Redskins receiver, he arrived on the scene and reluctantly gave the police the name of an individual who he claimed had been driving the car without his permission.

Jackson has been more productive than Baker has been so far, catching 50 passes for 668 yards and three touchdowns, but he’s managed just 47.7 yards per game, the lowest of his career. He’s on pace for his worst season since 2012, excluding an injury-shortened 2015, and he hasn’t brought the same game-changing element that he’d had in Washington and Philadelphia; his longest play of the year so far was for 41 yards, but he had five plays longer than that in 2016.

The overall disappointment brought by these two former Redskins, both on and off the field, has certainly done little to help Tampa Bay as they’ve limped to a 4-11 record, the second-worst in the NFC.

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