By Bryan Frantz

The Wizards are playing on Christmas Day (against the Boston Celtics, no less), so the team won’t have much time to celebrate the holiday. As a result, John Wall, who provides gifts to his teammates every time they take the court, decided to do the old Santa Claus thing a few days early.

That’s a brand new Rolex for all the Wizards players.

Now, you might think a Rolex is a mere drop in the bucket for somebody on an NBA max contract, and you’d be right about that. But assuming he bought one for each of the 15 other players on the roster (not including himself), that gets pricey very quickly.

As somebody who admittedly knows close to nothing about watches, much less watches that cost four or five digits each, this is going to be a struggle. But based on a quick browsing of the Rolex catalog, the watches Wall bought are part of the Day-Date line, let’s say the Day-Date 40.

Rolex doesn’t allow the prices of many of their models to be listed online, but a quick search of eBay finds them routinely going for $25,000 or more. Even the other Day-Date models tend to go for north of $8,000 on eBay.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Wall did not buy his Rolex watches on eBay. It also appears, based on what is said in the video, that there might be an inscription of some kind on the back of the watch. That probably didn’t come cheap.

All this is to say: This was not a cheap holiday present from the Wizards star, no matter how much money he’s making. And don’t forget, there are nine players on the team with less than $10 million guaranteed to them, and six players with less than $5 million. That’s nowhere near the almost $170 million Wall is getting on this contract, and a gift of that value has a much bigger impact on the other players.

So good on you, John Wall. It might not have helped on Friday night, but it’s got to be good for morale, right?

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