By Chris Lingebach

More than a week since John Wall’s return to the court, Scott Brooks feels his star point guard is “ready to take off.”

“I think he’s ready to play a little more,” said Wizards coach Scott Brooks, who is presented by Greenberg and Bederman, to The Sports Junkies.

Brooks closely monitored Wall’s minutes initially after his return from a knee injury. Wall had inflammation and discomfort in his left knee, causing him to miss nine games while undergoing PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma) and viscosupplementation injections to reduce the inflammation.

True to Brooks’ word — of “no more than 30” — Wall played just under 30 minutes in his first two games back. In the Wizards’ three games since, Wall’s logged 32, 33-and-a-half and, in a 119-84 loss to Brooklyn Friday, just 16 minutes.

“He’s missed — I don’t even know — close to three weeks,” Brooks said. “That’s a lot of time off in the middle of the season. I think he’s coming back. There was a little bit of rust the first couple of games, but I feel he’s ready to take off, and we’re gonna need him. There’s a stretch of games we’re just playing up and down, up and down.”

“I think we’re ready to make another jump and he’s gonna have to be a big part of that,” he added. “But I think his knee feels great. You’re always worried about after the game, the next day, but he hasn’t had an issues since he sat out for the two or three weeks.”

Brooks took a moment to praise Wall’s unparalleled shot-blocking ability. With 23 blocks on the season and 345 over his eight-year career, Wall aims to be the greatest shot-blocking point guard in NBA history.

“It’s amazing, those shots that he blocks,” Brooks said. “It’s just mind-boggling that he can do that. He says it and I believe it, there’s never been a point guard that blocks those shots like he blocks in transition.”

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