By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — By the numbers, Kirk Cousins isn’t having a Pro Bowl season, but he has played well enough that two of his offensive linemen got the nod.

On Thursday, Cousins addressed the media and showed that he not only knew who was going to represent the Redskins in Orlando, he had done some research:

“Thrilled,” he said for Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff, “and Ryan Kerrigan, and Sach Brown and Josh Norman being alternates, it’s just a great honor and says not only a lot about this season but also their body of work that they’ve put together for years now.

“It says a lot about our organization, the scouting staff, their ability to draft. Three of those players were drafted here, two were signed in free agency recently, so it really reflects good decisions by our entire organization, bringing those guys in and developing them.

“Hopefully, we continue to have people in the Pro Bowl discussion year in and year out.”

That’s high praise from a player about a front office that consistently undervalued his own production.

While has fallen back to ninth in passer rating (98.0), eighth in yards (3,636) and completions (308), seventh in touchdowns (24) and completion percentage (66.1), and sixth in yards per attempt (7.8), he has some other top-five categories to his credit this season.

Even without bona fide deep threats, Cousins is first in the NFC and second in the NFL in passing plays of at least 25 yards (35). He has also shown uncommon mobility this season with three rushing touchdowns, third in the NFC.

After losing two 1,000-yard receivers and playing behind 26 different offensive line combinations, Cousins is lucky to be still standing at the end of the season instead of just on the outside of the Pro Bowl looking in.

“They say that you get selected to the Pro Bowl probably a year after you should’ve gone because it takes time to earn that reputation,” Cousins opined. “Then once you’re in, you’re kind of in. Trent Williams has established himself as one of the best left tackles in football, regardless of NFC or AFC.

“Whether he’s a little banged up or not, he’s going to get the votes and the respect that he’s earned and deserves. You could probably say that for the other guys too. People know what they can do, regardless of their injuries.”

By that logic, and given as much as Cousins has overcome to put up his numbers this season, he should expect to go the Pro Bowl next year, wherever he is playing under center.

When all is said and done, there’s a chance that quarterbacks with injuries and playoff chances will drop out and Cousins will punch a ticket to Orlando this year. But even if he doesn’t, this season may still be some of his best work.


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