By Bryan Frantz

Remember when we asked how the Redskins’ irrelevance for the remainder of the 2017 NFL season would affect you?

No? Well, you can relive that fun here.

As for Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams, that irrelevance will play a major role in the remainder of his season — he won’t participate in it. Williams told reporters Wednesday that he would sit out the final two games of the season in order to get healthy, barring an emergency.

Williams notes he could come back if coach Jay Gruden asks him to, which would likely only happen if the Redskins saw more of their offensive linemen go down with more dire injuries, but he also notes that he might get surgery in the next two weeks, which would render him unavailable for any games afterwards, so it sounds like there is still some deciding to be done.

Either way, it’s hard to picture Williams getting back onto the field in 2017, or in January of 2018. He needs a surgery that will take six months or so of recovery time, per his estimation, and it wouldn’t make much sense to keep Williams active for this season and delay his return to the field for next season.

If he were to get the surgery on Thursday, and it doesn’t seem that’ll be the case, he wouldn’t return until mid-to-late June, and that’s if everything goes well. Even a minor setback could add another month of recovery time, which puts him near the end of July without actually being able to work out and get into football shape, which then gives him a steep hill to climb in order to be ready for the season six weeks later.

Regardless of what happens with Williams both now and over the course of the next seven months or so, at least we have the following situation to look forward to:

Kirk Cousins, in the final two games, faces more pressure than he has most of the season, as his best and most important offensive lineman isn’t around to protect his blind side. Cousins, as a result of the added pressure, makes a few mistakes that he typically wouldn’t make.

We’re now embroiled in a chicken-or-the-egg situation, where the Pro Kirkers argue Cousins is only struggling because of the makeshift offensive line he’s working behind, and the Never Kirkers argue that a quarterback who can’t overcome the loss of one offensive lineman isn’t worth $30 million per year.

And as usual, everybody is simultaneously right and wrong, and nothing is solved, and everybody is all the more miserable for their efforts.

Happy unofficial start to the Redskins offseason!

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