Most Ridiculous Quotes Of 2017

CBS Local – 2017 was a memorable year in the world of entertainment for many good and bad reasons.

In honor of the end of the year, here are the five craziest and most ridiculous quotes from interviews across the CBS websites. From Bruno Mars to Shemar Moore, these are quotes that will be remembered for a long time.

1. Bruno Mars On The Apollo Theatre

“The laws of “Showtime At The Apollo” were if you got it, they are going to cheer you on and if you don’t, they’re going to let you know that you ain’t sh**. They’ll pull you off and you got to think about another career option maybe.”

Bruno Mars keeping it real! The 5x Grammy winner filmed his first TV special on CBS at the iconic Apollo Theater and said performing his hits from his album 24K Magic was a magical experience.

2. Shemar Moore On His Modeling Career

“I did some modeling work, but my butt and legs were too big.”

As you can guess from this quote, Moore’s modeling career didn’t last too long. However, Moore landed a GQ shaving add early in his career and that helped him land an agent and eventually pick up parts on shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “S.W.A.T.” on CBS.

3. Jim Breuer’s Favorite Thing About New York

“My favorite chicken parmigiana in the world is on 7th Avenue right across from Carnegie Hall. It’s called Trattoria Dell’Arte. Oh my god, they pound the snot out of the chicken, it’s really flat and when they serve it to you, it looks like a personal size pizza. The cheese melts over it and they have little pepperoni slices on it. Every time I go to the city, I have to hit Dell’Arte. If I need a chicken parmigiana, I will drive an hour and ten minutes from my house, pay the $15 toll, pay the $50 for parking, so I can get my chicken parmigiana from Dell’Arte.”

It’s clear Breuer will do just about anything to get his chicken parmigiana from Dell’Arte. Breuer made news earlier this month when he announced he’ll be doing a year long residency at The Paramount in Huntington, New York.

4. Deborah Norville Finds E.Coli In Her Coffee Machine

“I was literally making a cup of coffee a few weeks ago at our free “Inside Edition” machine and I thought to myself that this coffee machine looks pretty scuzzy. I started cleaning it and was grossed out by how much sludge was coming out on the paper napkins. We do all these stories when we swab hotel rooms to show how dirty they are and I told my team that we need to swab the coffee machine. We swabbed our coffee machine and the bad news is we have E.coli!”

Norville is known for her hard hitting journalism, but this was certainly one of her more shocking finds of 2017. Norville discovered that one office had five different types of bacteria in its coffee machine and that certain bacteria can cause a urinary tract infection or pneumonia.

5. David Koecher Describes His Childhood

“The turkey coop business is year round. Turkey coops are basically livestock transportation vehicles. You’re not housing one bird, its 188 cages on a 40 foot flatbed trailer. That’s the business we were in and it wasn’t seasonal because people like to eat that bird year round. Thanksgiving wasn’t different than any other week.”

Sounds like the Koechner house was pretty crowed! The Missouri native said Thanksgivings were no different at the Koechner home, even though there was always the smell of turkeys in the air.

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