By Chris Lingebach

Chris Russell hit his three-outer with the Redskins’ win on Sunday, freeing him from a horrid bet made in training camp which would have required him to walk from D.C. to Ashburn if the Redskins went 5-11 this season.

LISTEN: Rooster Crows After Dodging 5-11 Redskins Walk

Less than a day later, he offered up another arrangement, of sorts.

Russell says, if Redskins team president Bruce Allen gets fired at the end of the 2017 season, he will lead a parade of fans down Half Street SE, for two blocks from 106.7 The Fan to the center field gate of Nationals Park, in celebration of the joyous occasion.

“I would do that walk that we talked about from — what? — the work parking lot down to Nationals Park and the center field gate if Bruce got fired,” Russell told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier Monday. “I would do that.”

“Oh, so we’ve got a new one,” Paulsen said. “If Bruce is out within a week of the end of the season, you will lead a parade down Half Street with your face painted burgundy and gold?”

“Oh, I would proudly do that. There’s no doubt,” said Russell. “Because that’s not a bet that: A): sucks; and B) I would take great joy and pride in that.”

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