By Chris Lingebach

The Redskins pulled through against Arizona bringing their record to 6-8 on the regular season.

For Redskins coach Jay Gruden, the victory perhaps keeps the ‘hot seat’ wolves at bay for another week. But, more importantly, it means the Redskins will finish 2017 with more than five wins, which means Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan can finally breathe a sigh of relief. He will not be making a 30-some mile walk from D.C. to Ashburn after all.

Snider: Did Gruden Just Keep His Job?

“We’re here to celebrate a Redskins win,” Russell said, with a quiver in his voice, as he kicked off the 106.7 The Fan post-game show Sunday. “And just as importantly, they saved me. They saved me from ruin. They Rooster Walk is over! It is a thing of the past. We can officially bury it with two weeks left to go in the regular season.”

“The Cardinals had the ball for 36 minutes and 16 seconds. The Redskins had the ball for 23 minutes and 44 seconds,” Russell said. “And somehow, some way, by the grace of the football gods, and maybe, finally, somebody looking after the old Rooster, the Redskins actually didn’t gag all over themselves completely. Because they did it for much of the day when they had every opportunity to, and they almost did it at the end, but they finally find a way to get a win, a sixth win of the year. They are now 6-8. One home game left.”

As the Redskins began their season 3-2, it seemed they’d be, at worst, a mediocre team floating around .500 all year. But then began their decent, the Redskins losing six of their next eight games, giving Russell a real, serious sweat. Behind the scenes at 106.7 The Fan, programmers had begun plotting coverage, coordinating routes and ironing out all the finer points of a Nationals Park-to-Redskins Park walk. Just in case.

Dec. 11: Rooster Starting to Sweat 5-11 Bet

Surely the Redskins could get one win in their final three, right?

“Those of you that are not familiar with what the hell I’m talking about,” Russell said, “I, like a dummy, predicted three days before training camp opened — based on a USA TODAY prediction, that the Redskins would finish 5-11 — I said, ‘Hell no. That’s not gonna happen.'”

“I said, as a matter of fact, if it does happen, if the Redskins go 5-11, I said I would be willing to walk from Nationals Park to Redskins Park in the middle of January waving a team flag,” he recapped. “And of course, all of my dummy friends in the media, and many of you people — and I’m not gonna call you dummies, but, you know, if you were making fun of me and if you wanted me to walk, you know how the shoe fits, baby!”

Dec. 5: Rooster Swears Off Betting, Immediately Makes Another

“All of you guys have been littering my timeline just aching to see me walk 30-plus miles in the middle of January, waving a Redskins team flag from Nationals Park to Redskins Park,” Russell said. “Well, I’ve got one thing to say for ya…. SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK. There ‘ya go.”

“I’m not doing it, because the Redskins bailed me out. The Redskins get their sixth win of the year and I don’t have to walk. Sorry that the radio station is not going to benefit from my bravado. I think they’ve already benefited enough. I’m done making reckless proclamations.”

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