WASHINGTON — Arizona Cardinals pass rusher Chandler Jones is a force to be reckoned with on the football field. On Sunday, he tallied at least one sack in his 12th game this season, a new franchise record.

But he likely got his best shot in on a play that hardly shows up on the stat sheet.

Late in the fourth quarter, Kirk Cousins got a pass off on a play where Chandler–running at full speed–buried his helmet in the quarterback’s back. The hit was clean, but it–like many things in football–hurt quite a bit:

After the hit, Cousins received medical attention on the sidelines and will likely have a sizable bruise to show for it. Fortunately, that seems to be the worst of it.

“Fortunately, I’m feeling just fine,” Cousins told the media after the game. “There was a flash of pain there, but by the time I got the sideline and settled down, the pain subsided and I was feeling fine.

“I feel like I dodged a bullet there and was pretty fortunate.”

Avoiding injury is no small task this season, as the Redskins have weathered dozens of season-ending and season-altering injuries. While losing Cousins at this point would not impact their trajectory, it’s a nice problem to avoid.

“When you shuffle 26 different offensive line combinations, that’s going to make it hard,” he said. “Sacks are going to happen…Chandler Jones got there a couple of times and it’s so much better to not make a bad situation worse.”


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