By Chris Lingebach

Robert Griffin III has been making appearances on various ESPN platforms this week, but it was his Wednesday appearance on “NFL Live” which brought about one of the more bizarre twists of Redskins commentary you’ll see all year.

Griffin and a studio crew of Trey Wingo and Bill Polian advanced discussions to teams around the league, discussing the most pressing issues for each of those teams. When that sequence brought them to the Redskins, Wingo’s first question involved Griffin’s former teammate, Kirk Cousins, the second quarterback drafted by the Redskins in 2012, and the same guy who beat Griffin out of the starting job in Washington in 2015, forcing Griffin’s eventual release and changing the direction of his career forever.

(For what it’s worth, Griffin was very comfortable speaking on the other NFL topics, to the extent he could probably turn it into a successful second career, if he wanted to.)

Wingo fired out of the gate asking where Cousins will play next season. After Polian suggested Jacksonville as an ideal free agency destination, it was Griffin’s turn to speak.

“Robert, your fellow 2012 draft class quarterback,” Wingo said. “What do you think?”

“I think it depends on what he’s trying to do,” Griffin said. “If he’s trying to make the most money, he goes to Cleveland. If he’s trying to be in the best situation, he goes to one of these teams that have a great defense, that isn’t going to put it all on his shoulders. He’s had it all on his shoulders in Washington and we’ve seen the result.”

“But if he’s got a great defense — like, say, Denver, say Jacksonville — it makes it easier for him as a quarterback,” he said, before turning to his other former team. “Whereas in Cleveland, he’s gonna have to go in and he’s gonna have to do more of the workload, and he’s gonna have some young guys around him. And can he lead those young guys to victory?”

“I don’t think it’s Washington, just because of you’ve seen what’s been going on,” Griffin said. “And, do they want him there? Does he want to be there, is the question.”

And that was Robert Griffin III’s commentary on Kirk Cousins’ future.

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