By Chris Lingebach

The Sports Junkies received testimony from a person familiar with the incident involving the man who went on a naked rampage on Route 28, bringing traffic to a halt near Dulles Tuesday afternoon.

The man, identified by police as 32-year-old Jose Gonzalez Flores, of Sterling, was involved in a hit-and-run near Dulles Airport in Fairfax County. After the three-car collision, Flores then assaulted one of the drivers and returned to his pickup truck and began throwing items onto Sully Road. He then stripped his clothes off and began running into traffic, police say, attempting to smash out windows of passing cars.

Flores then hopped onto a moving flatbed truck and broke its window, while “beating on the roof,” a caller informed The Junkies Wednesday morning. The truck pulled over and Flores fled from the scene.

“Our dump truck, the company I work for, one of the contractor trucks that works for us, he was the one that was hit by this guy,” Bill in Chantilly said on 106.7 The Fan. “He was going south on 28, and this guy out of nowhere just slammed right in the back of him. When they got out to exchange information, this guy went nuts and started trying to fight with our driver.”

“Well, when the driver wouldn’t fight with him, he starts trying knock the windows out of the dump truck,” he said. “And at that point, that’s when he started taking his clothes off and was trying to jump on cars that were going by, trying to knock the windows out of cars that were going by, and proceeds to take all of his clothes off and literally did.”

“He jumped up on top of a flatbed truck and was sitting up on top of it beating on the roof,” he described. “At this point, he’s already naked. And then got up in the back of his truck and started throwing the material and stuff that was in the back of his truck out into the street while he’s standing there naked, dancing around. I mean, just completely went nuts.”

“[Our driver] said he thought he was on something,” Billy went on to say. “He said he was acting very erratic. He said just in the blink of an eye the guy went crazy. He was fine one minute, the next minute he’s completely crazy trying to fight, trying to break windows out of cars. When the police showed up, he took off running. Went over onto Dulles Airport property right there and they eventually found him over there, but it took like an hour to get through everything. They had the whole road shut down for like an hour.”

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